Our Process


Every renovation begins with a conversation. Some clients know what it takes but most are new to the process. Our goal is to inform you of exactly to expect from start to finish.

3D Design

After the initial consultation most customers want to see what the end result will look like before the paperwork is signed. We can draw your area to scale, move walls, doors and fixtures. We can even add in your furniture so you are clear everything will fit just right.

Formal paperwork

Once the design is finalized we can price out the project. Your paperwork will be clear, detailed and list all of the decisions you will need to make through the project. There is a clear payment schedule that makes sure everyone stays protected through the end.

Full steam ahead

Everyone is on the same page and the approval to start has been given. We will have respectful professionals take care of you from start to finish.

Enjoy your new area

We strive to get to know you through the process so by the time we finish it will be yours. That includes making minor adjustments along the way to fit your personality.