Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. The quality is never in question. Nobody stays in business over 20 years doing anything less.

Can I have other things done at my house while the renovation is going on?

We have some of the most skilled people in the business. Most of us started out as handymen so please feel free to ask about anything from hanging pictures, painting or even that squeaky door that has bothered you for years.

Can I be my own GM to save some money?

Yes and no. If you want me to only take care of a portion of the project we can talk about that on a case by case basis. Will it save you money? Probably not. Managing your project is a full time job that requires the experience to see problems before they get closed up in a wall. Better to let us take care of everything and turn off the HGTV.

Can I do portions of the work like painting?

Yes. I don't charge for work I don't do but I won't warranty it either.