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Over 20 years ago I was in high school and got the idea to print some business cards to start a business. I printed a batch of 100 on my home printer with my pager number on them and returned calls when I got out of school. Time went on and I got nicer clients with bigger houses desiring top quality results. I was happy to hone my skill set until I had enough work to hire help. Then more help, more training and more referrals. This has been a ground up learning process resulting in thousands of successfully completed jobs.

Our Customers

We are very blessed with a wonderful customer base and an abundance of work to keep all of our crews busy. With all of the choices for contractors it is just as important for the customer to fit the contractor as it is for you to select a great company to contract with. Considering our emphasis of being a full service contractor specializing on quality, not all customers will be a good fit to our business model. If you can answer Yes to 4 of the 5 questions below you have a great chance of being a long term customer. If you answer No to more than 3 questions you should consider other options better suited to your preferences. (1) Do you want things done right the first time by qualified, respectful, knowledgeable professionals? (2) Are you willing to trust us to do the job you hired us for? In other words, are you willing to sit back to watch the show instead of trying to explain to us how you think we should do our job? (3) Are you tired of playing games and just want things done? (4) Do you want a contractor that will answer the phone, stay on schedule, stay on budget, return calls and follow up to make sure you are happy with the result? (5) Do you seek value over price?


Our crew

Joshua Dobbins

Juan Reyes